I’ve created this site with the intent of spreading joy, compassion, and love, through a grander understanding of what it truly means to be human!

My life has unfolded in such a fashion, that I now find myself possessed by a burning desire to do what I can in order to help us all begin thinking and living more positively. Having had seen the darkness, and sunken further then rock bottom on multiple occasions, I sit here now and tell you this– we can, and we shall, overcome!

“How?”, might you ask. Well, step one is a choice, each of us must make in every moment, whether to focus on the beautiful or to let the darkness consume us. Sometimes, this darkness even exists without our knowledge, and often choosing to focus on the light is easier said then done, this I understand. All I can do for us is to provide my perspective, sharing the grander philosophical messages that I have gathered. Hoping that, if even only to the slightest of degrees, my perspective may help to broaden your own. Pursuing the realization that within every dark storm there exists a silver lining.

In the ‘Blog’ section you will find a running series of philosophical pieces showcasing what I’ve learned about myself, and the world in which I live. In the ‘Vlogging’ section, I’ll share the current happenings of my life. So as to expose where my conclusions have brought me, and how exactly it is that I am now developing a new and ever broadening perspective.


Because, from the deepest depths of my soul, I want to see you shine. I want to see all of us shine! Because I truly and honestly believe, that together, as a race of being, we can transcend the darkness.