What is my purpose?

IMG_0472Words man, and this English language none the less. So much freedom, such an extensive ability to manipulate our projections of thought. We can literally alter the very fabrication of any given concept, simply by adjusting the words we use to describe said concept. I am so fascinated by them, and continually find myself awestruck by this art of playing with them. It’s absolutely riveting. However, there is a dark side of this coin. Very dark indeed, and often, quite distinctly overlooked entirely. 

Too often do we just ‘roll with the punches’, so to speak, when it comes to word choice. Someone else said it in a certain way, and it sounds good enough… “everyone will know what I meant”. This becomes very dangerous when we find ourselves contemplating our spiritual and physical essence. I think too often we find ourselves asking the same questions people have been asking for centuries, focusing too simply on how they have always been asked. Never taking the time, or establishing the energy, to think outside of these boxes and ask ourselves our own damn questions.

“What is my purpose?”, is a prime example of what I speak to here.

Such an ego filled grouping of words. Perhaps the most arrogant thought a creature could have, that they posses some divine purpose. Certainly one of the more foolish philosophical questions one could spend any amount of time pondering, and ironically so, the one people seem to spend the most time focusing on. Trapped inside an unacknowledged cage, forever using the wrong questions to try and break free.

Let me speak to the arrogance of said ego here, and state the rather sad truth of it my friends, you have no purpose. You were not placed into this reality with some kind of mission to accomplish. There is nothing expected of you, no overlying feat that is of a necessity. Nope, there is no purpose for your being. 

In fact in today’s day and age, you are hardly more then a waste of three dimensional resources. The same is true of myself, certainly, and is something I would consider a rather basic side effect of coming to be in this era of time. Prior to these rather serious over population issues, perhaps the truth of such wouldn’t be so harsh, but you know, it is what it is. 

Now, I would apologize for popping your little self entitled bubble here, but I’m not actually in anyway sorry. Sometimes the truth hurts. None the less, here we are, overly abundant and arrogant as can be, still asking, “What is my purpose?”.

IMG_0484Painful realities aside, there exists a derivation of positivity that stems from all this, and I’d like to take a rather extended moment to address this branch of thought. Remember what I was saying about word choice? Well, join me in playing with some words here for a second. From a different, possibly more spiritual outlook, yet still transitioning into this blatant, poignant, and undeniable truth. The only actual purpose of any living entity, is to remain alive. That is, the purpose of ‘life’ is simply to maintain the parameters by which ‘life’ itself is defined. 

Outside of this, we must confront our consciousness, as is to be inherent with the basic construct of any consciousness. We are beings capable of acknowledging our own existence, and resultantly find ourselves capable of realizing that one day we will not, exist that is. From here we wonder, what are we to do with ourselves, from the time this realization is sparked until the unavoidable happenstance that is the latter of its essence. The birth of, “what is my purpose?”. Certainly, the base of this concept is sound, the word choice however, is quite poor indeed. 

Let’s assume here, for the sake of this piece, that you are capable of agreeing with everything I’ve just said. Upon accepting the fact that we ultimately have no purpose, coming to terms with our inevitable demise, and realizing a statistical negligibility to any and all things that we may or may not accomplish in this life; we find ourselves facing a crossroads. With all of this being true, then what’s the point? Here, we can embark on one of two paths. We can either choose to wallow in our sorrows until our dying day, or we can choose to start asking the right questions, formatted under a more realistic word choice.

What is it that would make me, personally, feel as if I have lived a fulfilled life? Furthermore, why is it that I feel this way?

You see, simply by readjusting the words we use, we’ve completely altered the very dynamic by which the framework of thought encompasses the concept itself. From here, focusing on the latter of these two questions, quickly becomes perhaps the most important aspect of this shift in awareness. We must question ourselves down to the very core, repeatedly, until our answer to this second question runs something along the lines of, “ ..because I have personally analyzed all other possible answers to this first question, objectively understood the roots of their origins, and consequently deduced that my answer is now derived from the depths of my own spirit, as I choose to refrain from allowing myself to blindly succumb to the imposition of any ideology.” We must live for ourselves, first and foremost.

In doing so, and in asking these two questions, we deviate away from the egoistic need to assert our existence to the outside world. Purpose is internalized, thus allowing us to pursue our endeavors is a more spiritual fashion. This might seem trivial, but please, trust me as I thoroughly assert the absolute importance of this. The mantra we choose to follow, becomes the architect of our thought process, and the puppeteer of our actions. If we allow ourselves to fixate on a need, or perhaps simply a desire, to fulfill some kind of predestined purpose, we inevitably succeed only at setting ourselves up for a never ending failure. 

Do you ever wonder why answering ‘What is my purpose’ always seems so difficult? 

Ever asked yourself why, if this question has been around since the dawn of time, can still no one seem to produce a viable response?

Well, I have, and this is what I have deduced. Anything beyond the purpose of life being simply the maintenance of life itself, is an imposition of egoic thought. The ego, master puppeteer that it is, likes to do everything that it can to control us, keeping us from acknowledging our puppet like nature. In this instance, it has introduced one of its many tools of distraction, it has given us an unanswerable question. A question, that in and of itself, serves no purpose. 

Our reason for being is to be defined by ourselves, as individuals, and should be concluded as fulfilled or not, based solely on our own personally developed definition of the concept of fulfillment. 

Purpose, is irrelevant. 

5 thoughts on “What is my purpose?

  1. Talking of absolutes, in my search of god the most difficult part of life was demolishing ego in totality, negating karma to zero. Practice of absolute celibacy for a period of 12 years in continuation was another hurdle. Only then I could awaken kundalini shakti to its full potential. Journey towards God has always been a pleasure, love of life.


  2. In 2012 when you set your ego aside and came back to the boat I had a lot of admiration and appreciation. Thanks for sharing your philosophy, ideas and thoughts.


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